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The RAC Affiliated Club Program

The RAC Affiliated Club Program provides an opportunity for Canadian Amateur Radio Clubs to provide support to their national Amateur Radio association, Radio Amateurs of Canada. The program provides valuable services and benefits that enhance the Amateur Radio experience for the club’s members including the RAC Affiliated Club Insurance Program. There are great savings on club liability and equipment insurance. A list of affiliated clubs appears below.

List of RAC Affiliated Clubs

RAC is proud to recognize the following clubs which are participating in our Affiliated Club Program. If your club is not listed below and your club would like to affiliate with Radio Amateurs of Canada, please visit the RAC Affiliated Clubs Program page for information and an application form.

The RAC Affiliated Club Program and RAC Liability Insurance Program are administered by RAC headquarters staff. All matters relating to these programs, must be directed to the following address:

Radio Amateurs of Canada
720 Belfast Road, Suite 217
Ottawa, ON, K1G 0Z5
Telephone: 877-273-8304

Thank you for your patience while we work on the Affiliated Clubs list. The following is a draft which is still being updated by our volunteers and we will correct any incorrect links. Please contact if you have any corrections.