Post-contact report: the contact was a success. 

The following is a summary from the ARISS website

Excitement filled the students’ day at the North Point School for Boys in Calgary, Alberta, Canada, as they engaged in their ARISS contact with David St-Jacques.

He told students, “Every teacher that has ever taught me anything contributed to my training as an astronaut.”

He answered 16 student questions as an audience of 100 listened. The school’s online news venues carried several stories about the event. Two TV stations’ reporters were present, and one clip is at:

Pre-Contact Preparations:

An International Space Station (ISS) school contact has been planned with participants at North Point School for Boys in Calgary, Alberta.

A telebridge contact via IK1SLD is scheduled for Wednesday, March 20 at 2:16 pm MST (20:16:09 UTC 86 deg).

The scheduled astronaut is David St-Jacques, KG5FYI, and the ISS call sign is presently scheduled to be OR4ISS. The ARISS Mentor on site is Brian Jackson, VE6JBJ.

Watch for live stream from the ground station starting about 10-15 minutes before AOS at:

The school will be showing the contact via Facebook Live at:

Source: Steve McFarlane, VE3TBD and Brian Jackson, VE6JBJ

Background information:

The North Point School for Boys issued the following news release about the event:

“As part of the Amateur Radio on the International Space Station (ARISS) program, Canadian Space Agency (CSA) astronaut David Saint-Jacques will connect with Calgary students from North Point School for Boys and answer their questions on March 20, 2019, live from the International Space Station (ISS).

ARISS is an international program aimed at inspiring students worldwide to pursue interests and careers in science, technology, engineering and mathematics (STEM) through Amateur Radio communications opportunities with the ISS crew. During David Saint-Jacques’ mission, Radio Amateurs of Canada hopes to establish as many as 20 contacts between the astronaut and youth, both in Canada and around the world.

Participation in ARISS was initiated and managed through the Engineering Academy at North Point School for Boys. Media are invited to witness this exchange in person.

Date: March 20, 2019

Time: 2 pm MST – beginning of the event; 2:16 pm MST – beginning of the connection with David Saint-Jacques

What: Amateur radio contact between Earth and space

Who: David Saint-Jacques, CSA astronaut 70 students from Grade 1-9

Where: North Point School for Boys (use the front entrance) 2445 – 23rd Avenue SW
Calgary, AB T2T 0W3

North Point School for Boys

North Point School for Boys is a K-Grade 9 independent day school in Calgary. North Point taps into the natural curiosity and energy of boys as a foundation for life-long learning. A strong academic program is just the beginning – we fuel motivation through real-life learning, digital platforms, and outdoor adventure developing well rounded, self- motivated, independent learners. The North Point program is a fundamental rethinking of how a classroom operates. We design inclusive environments and experiences that are specifically geared to challenge and engage boys.

The Engineering Academy at North Point School is a partnership with Roots 2 STEM to deliver valuable hands-on experience both at the school and at the Roots 2 STEM facility exploring many aspects of Science, Technology, Engineering and Math. Led by guest instructor and engineer, Dean White, the program inspires young minds in a variety of engineering disciplines such as 3D design, electrical and mechanical systems, aerospace, control systems and robotics.

Students will be learning about the International Space Station through social discussion, science class and engineering academy. Students will be building a scale model of the International Space Station and learning Canada’s commitment to the space program.

  1. How did you train to become an astronaut?
  2. What do you do all day?
  3. Is time different on the space station?
  4. What is it like being weightless in space?
  5. Is it hard to move around?
  6. What is your favourite space food?
  7. What is the coolest thing you have seen while on the space station?
  8. How long does it take to get used to zero gravity?
  9. What did you bring with you to the International Space Station?
  10. Was it scary launching on the Space Shuttle?
  11. Will you get to do a space walk?
  12. Do you operate the Canadarm?
  13. What does the sunrise look like?
  14. How long was the Space Shuttle ride?
  15. What is your rank with the Canadian Space Agency?
  16. Do you get to see all the parts of the International Space Station?
  17. Can you see Canada from space?
  18. How do astronauts breath with their suits on?
  19. Do astronauts eat together?
  20. What is it like being in space?

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