ARISS news: April 14, 2017

The ARISS Team (Amateur Radio on the International Space Station) is pleased to announce that packet from the International Space Station (ISS) is once again on 145.825 MHz! ARISS did the foot work and paperwork a few months ago to launch the last back-up Ericsson VHF handheld radio to the ISS. This work was begun in October after the failure of the Ericsson unit that had been used on the ISS.

The Ericssons have been operating on the ARISS for 16 years. In the last days of February, the SpaceX 10 launch vehicle, Dragon, flew to the ISS with the HT onboard. After the docking, ISS crew members had the odious job of unloading and unpacking 5,500 pounds of cargo, including the Ericsson HT.

ARISS got word this morning that we now have VHF capability back in the Columbus module. Followers of ISS Fan Club have already posted that they’ve heard and used VHF packet, and are thrilled and happy to have it again!

In 2015, ARISS began its first fundraising campaigns. ARISS relies on NASA, ARRL, AMSAT and many fine individual donors, along with ARISS volunteers, to maintain the day-to-day operations and cover those expenses along with all costs and work related to the hardware, and building a new radio system, including the expensive space certification tests. Donors can go to and to support the program that excites hams and young people and educators who are inspired by Amateur Radio on the ISS.

Radio Amateurs of Canada is the ARISS sponsor for Canada.