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The following Memorial Silent Keys List is presented in memory of Carl Everson, VE3BYX, who started compiling these listings on behalf of Radio Amateurs of Canada.

Carl was a tireless volunteer and a former member of the Ottawa Amateur Radio Club and was the Editor of its newsletter “The Groundwave“. Sadly, Carl became a Silent Key on March 3, 2000 after a long bout with cancer. He is sadly missed.

The list of Silent Keys provided below is a compilation of previously published listings that have appeared in The Canadian Amateur, Radioamateur du Quebec, QST and QST Canada magazines and are  known to be incomplete – especially for Radio Amateurs who died during World War II.

The lists below are in zipped, comma delimited text format that can be readily opened by most word processors and database programs such as MS Word, Access and Excel.

A list of recent Silent Keys is compiled by RAC volunteers and is then first published in The Canadian Amateur magazine. We then wait a month to see if we receive any corrections before adding them to the Aggregate Silent Key list provided below. Please check the most recent issue of The Canadian Amateur for the latest information.

The following list is as of November 15, 2023: 

Silent Keys by Call Sign

Note: Although sorted in call sign order,  call signs may appear in other fields. Therefore it is best to search (ctrl+F) for call sign or other desired information. This database still contains unresolved discrepancies and duplications. An * indicates a call sign that was reissued at the time of listing.

Please send any corrections and omissions for these listings to .