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EI100MCV special eventThe following news item is courtesy of the Radio Officers’ Association and the National Maritime Museum of Ireland Radio Club:

The Maritime Museum Radio Club in Dun Laoghaire, Dublin – EI0NMMI has been issued the Special Event Call Sign EI100MCV for the year 2018, to commemorate the Centenary of the sinking of the Royal Mail Ship (RMS) Leinster in the Irish Sea on October 10, 1918 just one month before the end of World War I. The call sign includes the letters “MCV” which was the original call sign of RMS Leinster.

This was, and still is, the single largest loss of life in the Irish Sea with a total of 567 people lost. The ship was torpedoed by U-Boat UB123 just 25 kilometres off the Irish coast. To add to the tragedy the U-Boat involved was sunk two weeks later with the loss of all 36 crew. All were very young with the oldest being just 27 years old.

Among those lost were the following Canadian service personnel:

The call sign can be used throughout the year 2018 by all members of the Maritime Museum Radio Club as well as by any other licensed EI Amateur Radio operator who would like to commemorate this historic centenary.

Certificate for Special Event EI100MCV and GB100MCV

EI100MCV will be active for the year of 2018, with special attention to dates throughout the year of special significance to this tragedy. However there will be particular activity in the weeks around the date of October 10, 2018.

In addition, the Dragon Amateur Radio Club, in Wales, will activate GB100MCV from October 1 to October 28 to commemorate RMS Leinster.

The event will be coordinated by Dave O’Connor, EI6AL, who has acted in this capacity for many similar events, most recently the Wild Atlantic Way initiative.

Operators who wish to use the call sign should contact Dave at . Anyone who operates the call must forward an ADIF log by email to Dave, EI6AL. Dave will maintain a master log and will do the necessary upload to Clublog.

Special Certificate

There will be a special Certificate available for download for contacts made with EI100MCV and GB100MCV between the dates of October 10 and 15 inclusive. To qualify you must have had two QSOs on different bands/modes with both EI100MCV and GB100MCV between 0001 UTC October 10 and 2359 UTC October 15, 2018. Certificates will be issued for Mixed mode, all CW, all SSB or all Digital modes. Certificates will be for download in pdf format. Apply by email to giving details of your call and the date/times/mode of your QSO with both stations. A sample of the certificate is shown above.

We hope that many operators will avail of the opportunity to use this unique call sign and give extensive coverage to this important centenary.

The intention is to use all bands all modes, operating on or close to frequencies ending with 18. For example, on 160m frequency of 1918 kHz; on 80m frequencies of 3518, 3618, 3718 kHz, etc. using applicable modes. We expect to have wide coverage as we hope to have a large number of operators.

For more information on the special event visit

RMS Leinster anniversary: Special Event