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Radio Amateurs of Canada is pleased to announce the RAC Affiliated Club Challenge which will start in 2014.



Clubs wishing to enter the challenge must register to participate prior to December 31, 2013. Affiliated Clubs must renew their affiliation annually prior to December 31 each year.

Those clubs renewing or joining the RAC Affiliated Club Program who wish to participate in the Club Challenge will have to check an additional registration box on the application form. They will also have to submit a complete list of club members and their call signs, and indicating which members are RAC members and Maple Leaf Operator members (with RAC membership number) and also listing non-RAC members in the club. It is anticipated that the Affiliated application form will be able to be completed online and sent electronically with other required information to reduce snail-mail and paperwork.

The club membership list, including newly certified Amateurs and assigned Elmers (mentors), will require the signature of the club President and one other member of the club Executive. The RAC Affiliated Club Challenge will mainly be assessed using the honour system and it is hoped that participation will be in the spirit of the Challenge. Spot checks will be made at random by the RAC HQ and disqualification is possible if variations are found.

Recognizing that RAC has affiliated clubs with as few as five members to over 200 members, it is necessary to classify the clubs based upon club membership numbers.

Registered clubs will initially be classified into four categories based on total club membership: QRP (less than 20 members); Barefoot (20-60 members); Kilowatt (61-100 members); and Kilowatt Plus (greater than 100 members).

Clubs registering, will be listed, by category, in The Canadian Amateur magazine and on the RAC website on the new RAC Affiliated Club Challenge page.


Clubs will be scored on the point system based upon the following point assignment:

Additionally add 1 point each for:

Note: Newly certified Amateur and Elmer points only apply to the year of certification.

Annually, at the time of renewal with a certified list, the change in points from the previous year will be assessed and the top three clubs in each category will receive special recognition by RAC in the TCA magazine and on the RAC website and will be able to download a certificate recognizing the clubs achievement.

Clubs renewing affiliation or becoming affiliated with RAC for 2014 will find instructions and the necessary forms at RAC Affiliated Club Application.

Apply for the Affiliated Club Challenge

To apply to the RAC Affiliated Club Challenge, please complete the downloadable pdf RAC Affiliated Club Challenge Application form.


1) All current club affiliations expire on December 31, 2014 and clubs failing to renew by that date will find their club name removed from the affiliated clubs list on the RAC website. Affiliation applications must be sent to the address found on the application form (see below).

RAC Affiliated Club Program
720 Belfast Road
Suite 217
Ottawa, ON KiG 0Z5

2) Starting in September, renewals will be sent to all affiliated clubs to the listed affiliated club contact person on file. Recognizing that positions within each club change frequently, I ask your help in getting renewals forwarded to the club Executive so that your club is not dropped from the affiliated clubs list.

Note: For RAC affiliated clubs participating in the Liability Insurance program, each additional RAC member reduces the cost of club liability insurance by $10.

Please see more information on the RAC Affiliated Club Liability Insurance Program.