Amateurs and Clubs

There are many advantages to joining an Amateur Radio club. Clubs are a great resource and can help ease the transition by pointing you in the right direction: purchasing and setting up the right equipment; helping to explain the terminology; and providing a much-needed social network.

Clubs also are a great way to get involved in activities such as Field Day, Public Service and ARES Events and Hamfests/Fleamarkets.

A list of Canadian Amateur Radio clubs from the Atlantic to the Pacific and from Point Pelee to the Arctic is provided below. If your club is not listed, please make sure your club’s President or Secretary submits the required information so it can be included.

Note: Club information changes frequently. If you have comments or suggestions to make the Canadian Club pages more user-friendly, please send them to the coordinator at: 

RAC RegionProvince/TerritoryDirector
Atlantic RegionNL, NS, PEI, NBAl Penney, VO1NO
Quebec RegionQCGuy Richard, VE2QG/VE2XTD
Ontario North/East RegionON – postal codes K and PPat Dopson, VE3HZQ/VE3VC
Ontario South RegionON – postal codes L, M, and NBarry Brousseau, VE3SLD 
Midwest RegionMB, SKEd Richardson, VE4EAR/VE4VT
Western RegionAB, NWT, NUStephen Lee, VA6SGL
British Columbia/Yukon RegionBC, YTKeith Witney, VE7KW

The RAC Affiliated Club Program

The RAC Affiliated Club Program provides an opportunity for Canadian Amateur Radio Clubs to provide support to their national Amateur Radio association, Radio Amateurs of Canada.

The program provides valuable services and benefits that enhance the Amateur Radio experience for the club’s members including the RAC Affiliated Club Insurance Program. There are great savings on club liability and equipment insurance.

A list of affiliated clubs can be found at: /affiliated-club-listing/.