The McBride Family at Dayton 2022

The RAC Booth is now packed up and our volunteers are heading home – some of them to face the aftermath of yesterday’s massive storm. It was great being able to host a live event again. Stay tuned the RAC website for future events.

Above: RAC President Phil McBride’s family provides support at the RAC Booth at Dayton. From left: Connor (SWL), Cassandra, VA3MEW), Callum (SWL) and Phil, VA3QR. 

Below from left: RAC International Affairs Officer, Serge Bertuzzo, VA3SB;  Regulatory Affairs Officer Dave Goodwin, VE3KG; President Phil A. McBride, VA3QR; and Vice-President Al Boyd, VE3AJB.

RAC officials at Dayton.

Check out the RAC YouTube channel for the historical record of the event and see the photos and information below.

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Note: The above livestream is best viewed on a mobile device.

Join us for a Livestream Event every day!

If all goes according to plan, we intend to do a livestream broadcast directly from the RAC booth at Dayton as follows via the RAC YouTube channel:

We also hope to have interactive Zoom drop-ins at 10 am and 2 pm on Friday and Saturday, and at 10 am on Sunday. We hope to see you then!

Friday 9 am to 5 pm –
Saturday 9 am to 5 pm –
Sunday 9 am to 1 pm –

More information about RAC at Dayton…

Radio Amateurs of Canada is very pleased to once again be able to operate a booth at the Dayton Hamvention, the world’s largest Amateur Radio gathering, from May 20 to May 22.

The RAC booth 2504 will once again be in Building 2 along with the International Amateur Radio Union, the American Radio Relay League and other national organizations.

2022 Theme: “Reunion”

Hamvention General Chairman Rick Allnutt, WS8G:

“This year’s theme is Reunion – to celebrate getting a world of hams together after missing two Hamventions and to commemorate the history of the Dayton Hamvention stretching back to 1952.

The logo represents Amateur Radio operators from around the globe getting together at Hamvention for a Grand Reunion at the Greene County Fairgrounds and Expo Center.

So, if anyone in your club asks, or if the subject comes up on air, please let everyone know that from May 20 to 22, WE WILL HAVE HAMVENTION!”

COVID protocols:

Hamvention General Chairman Rick Allnutt, WS8G, issued the following statement:

“We strongly anticipate that the Hamvention 2022 is a go. We cannot guarantee what government may decide about unknown changes in the pandemic. It has become obvious that the State of Ohio is very unlikely to call a halt to large gatherings anytime soon. Despite a recent large spike in Omicron COVID cases and hospitalizations, there is no move to restrict large indoor or outdoor events such as sports events.”

Allnutt added that he anticipates the official state guidance may be to recommend (but not require) wearing a mask and social distancing. Hamvention will support state guidance. We do not anticipate checking immunization status on site.

Some have asked whether COVID testing will be available at Hamvention. At this time there are no plans to have testing on site. Watch for any updates dealing with the COVID situation.


The schedule is as follows:

Fleamarket and Inside Exhibits

Friday: 9 am to 5 pm
Saturday: 9 am to 5 pm
Sunday: 9 am to 1 pm 

Further information about the Dayton Hamvention including its new Mobile Event App can be found online at:

So come visit the RAC Booth 2504 in Building 2 and talk to your RAC volunteers. Better yet contact us and volunteer to work at the booth: RAC Headquarters .

Don’t forget to follow us on Twitter at #RACatDayton.

Previous news posts

May 19, 2022:

The RAC Booth is looking forward to seeing you at Dayton tomorrow!

Watch this space for regular updates as the first large in-person event since March 2020 gets underway! It is great to be back! We are kicking off with a livestream event starting on Thursday at 9 am and continuing during Hamvention via the RAC YouTube channel: