For immediate release:

The distribution of the print version of the July-August 2018 issue of The Canadian Amateur magazine has been unexpectedly delayed.

Since this issue of TCA follows immediately after the RAC Annual General Meeting which was held on Saturday, June 16, we decided to delay sending it to the printer so that we would be able to include several important items from the AGM: the RAC President’s Report to the Members at the AGM; the Minutes of the AGM; and the RAC Financial Statements 2017. In addition, this issue of TCA also includes several articles about RAC’s formation in 1993 which were presented at the AGM as part of RAC’s 25th Anniversary Celebrations.

Unfortunately, a scheduling problem at the printer has resulted in a further and unexpected delay. We sincerely apologize for any inconvenience this has created and we thank you for your patience. The digital version of the July-August 2018 TCA (eTCA) was posted online on June 30 and can be viewed by all RAC members in our Downloads section of the RAC website at:

For additional information please visit:

July-August 2018 eTCA is now available