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Dominican Republic Regulator Indotel Recognizes Radio Amateurs on World Amateur Radio Day


The following news item is courtesy of the International Amateur Radio Union:

April 29, 2021 –

The Dominican Institute of Telecommunications (Indotel) recognized the country’s Radio Amateur associations for their achievements in radio spectrum use and their contributions to society, on the occasion of celebrating World Amateur Radio Day on April 18, recognizing the 96th year of the establishment of the International Amateur Radio Union.

The recognition ceremony was chaired by: the President of the Indotel, Nelson Arroyo; the Executive Director, Julissa Cruz Abreu, members of the board of directors and representatives of the radio amateurs associations of the Dominican Republic.

The recognized entities were the Hotel India DX Club Amateur Radio Association, Radio Club Domincano (RCD), Unión Dominicana de Radio Aficioando (UDRA), Loma del Toro DX Club and the Unión de Radioaficionados del Sur. The activity took place at the Indotel Telecommunications Center. The associations were recognized for their efforts to promote the creation of opportunities for Dominicans who wish to take advantage of the value of this important sector. Indotel is responsible for the Special Registry of Radio Amateurs and any other use of radioelectric spectrum. It is also in charge of enforcing the General Telecommunications Law, no. 153 – 98, including Resolution 092‑2020 on the Regulation of the Amateur Radio Service.

Radio Amateurs are persons duly authorized by the country’s telecommunications regulatory body, who are interested in radio technology exclusively on a personal, non-profit basis and who carry out instructional, intercommunication and technical study activities with their station.

A panel discussion “Radio Amateurs in the Digital Era”, moderated by Amparo Arango, Director of Indotel’s Telecommunications Development Fund (FDT), had Radio Amateurs Rafael Aníbal Martínez Ogando, HI8KW, Miguel Antonio Peralta Corominas, Hi3MPC and Ana Cristina Guzmán as participants, outlined the importance of this means of communication and its value and growth over the years in society at global and local levels.

During the event, the participants discussed as main axes the evolution of radio production from 1925 to the present digital era, and how the importance of the Amateur Radio sector has remained despite the emergence of new technologies and communication channels. They also talked about the role played by this service in emergency situations over the last century, being one of the first to respond and provide communication in areas affected by disasters.

Prior to the event, a podcast presented the history and importance of the Amateur radio sector. The celebration of World Amateur Radio Day honors the founding of the International Amateur Radio Union IARU at a meeting of radio amateurs held in Paris, France in 1925.

Rafael Martinez, HI8KW
RCD IARU Liaison

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