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Useful Info

Here are links to a few webs sites which are of interest use to Radio Amateurs, but don't seem to fit under any of the usual headings . If you come across any that you particularly like send them to the and I will add them to the list.

More Useful Information

Miscellaneous Canadian Amateur Radio Information

RAC Logo Amateur Radio Equipment Dealers
RAC Logo Callsign Database Program - VE4FRP
RAC Logo Callsign DataBase Program - VE3IIB
RAC Logo Canadian Amateur Radio Call Sign Database
RAC Logo Canadian Provincial Incoming QSL Bureaus
RAC Logo Chinese Speaking Hams
RAC Logo Defence of Amateur Radio Fund Web Site
RAC Logo Download the Canadian Callsign List (1.6 MB zip file expands to 12 MB when unzipped
RAC Logo How to get your own callsign@rac.ca email address
RAC Logo Industry Canada Amateur Radio Service Centre
RAC Logo Industry Canada Amateur Radio Service - Document Index
RAC Logo Save Ham Radio Page
RAC Logo Society for the Preservation of Antique Radio in Canada
RAC Logo Swap Shops and Nets
RAC Logo Tom Loredo's Electronics Bookmarks
RAC Logo VA3KU's hfradio Web Site
RAC Logo VE3BDB's 19 Set Page

Industry Canada Links

RAC Logo Amateur Certification - Fact Sheet
RAC Logo Amateur Radio Service Centre
RAC Logo Radio Information Circulars (RICs)
RAC Logo Spectrum Management Page

USA Amateur Radio Information

RAC Logo Amateur Radio Logbook Rochester (NY) Hamfest
RAC Logo Hamamatsu USA
RAC Logo KA5OAI - San Angelo,TX - USA
RAC Logo KB9TA Links
RAC Logo Modems - How They Work
RAC Logo WWV Radio Station Info and Photos
RAC Logo US Naval Observatory Master Clock Time
RAC Logo Radio Era Archives
RAC Logo Radiodan W7RF Ham & Business Radio, New & Used
RAC Logo The Elmer HAMlet
RAC Logo W3KM Website
RAC Logo WM7D dot Net

International Amateur Radio Information

RAC Logo Brazil Ham Page
RAC Logo GJ4ICD CINET Ham Radio pages
RAC Logo G4NJH Amateur Radio Pages
RAC Logo G7WFM Repeater Conference Page
RAC Logo International Postal Codes
RAC Logo The RF Yellow Pages
RAC Logo UK 2 METRE Amateur Repeater Map

International Amateur Radio Societies

RAC Logo IARU The International Amateur Radio Union
RAC Logo IARU Discussion Paper on the Future of Amateur Radio
RAC Logo IARU Monitoring Program
RAC Logo IARU - Region II
RAC Logo IARU - Region 1
RAC Logo IARU Monitoring System Region 1
RAC Logo Spectrum Requirements of the Amateur and Amateur-Satellite Services
RAC Logo IARU Action Plan for 7MHz
RAC Logo IARU QSL Bureaus

Frequency Allocation Tables

RAC Logo Canadian Table of Frequency Allocations

Lightning Protection Information

RAC Logo Advanced Lightning Technology Home
RAC Logo A. N. Wallis Surge Protection
RAC Logo ARRLWeb Lightning Protection
RAC Logo Grounding vs Lightning
RAC Logo Lightning Prevention Systems Inc
RAC Logo Surge Protection & Lightning Protectors - Panamax - Southland Power Protection

Digital Radio Broadcasting

RAC Logo BBC Online - Digital Radio
RAC Logo DRRI Digital Audio Broadcasting - Demo v2.0

Amateur Radio Newsgroups

RAC Logo DX Newsgroup
RAC Logo General information Newsgroup
RAC Logo Swap Newsgroup
RAC Logo Space Newsgroup
RAC Logo Antenna Newsgroup
RAC Logo Digital Newsgroup
RAC Logo Equipment Newsgroup
RAC Logo Homebrew Newsgroup
RAC Logo Policy Newsgroup
RAC Logo Miscellaneous Newsgroup
RAC Logo No Code group
RAC Logo Microwave Group
RAC Logo VHF-UHF Group
RAC Logo Amateur TV

More Links

RAC Logo RAMSEY Home Page
RAC Logo Rochester Institute of Technology Amateur Radio Club Web Site
RAC Logo Rotor Doctor Online
RAC Logo Weed's home page
RAC Logo Welcome to CooperTools Interactive
RAC Logo (www.therfc.com)
RAC Logo WINAPRS Website