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Boating & Marine

Amateur Radio Information for Boaters

RAC Logo BC Boater's Net
RAC Logo H.F. Radio On Board Home Page
RAC Logo Mailboat page
RAC Logo SailNet
RAC Logo Seven Seas Cruising Association
RAC Logo VE3FAB HCMS Haida Naval Museum
RAC Logo Waterways Radio and Cruising Club

Information for Boaters in Canadian Waters

RAC Logo Canadian Coast Guard - Rescue, Safety and Env.
RAC Logo Canadian Coast Guard College
RAC Logo Tide Information

Information for Boaters in US Waters

RAC Logo NOAA, Tide Predictions at U.S. Reference Stations
RAC Logo US Coast Guard Boating Safety
RAC Logo US Coast Guard Eighth District (Florida) Home Page
RAC Logo US Coast Guard Links, Chat, Search Engine, Free Home Pages!
RAC Logo US Coast Guard Reserve Home Page

General Information

RAC Logo Australian Volunteer Coast Guard
RAC Logo Jane's Information Group - Home Page
RAC Logo Maritime Mobile Service Network
RAC Logo New Zealand Coast Guard Safety

Weather Links

RAC Logo Weather Underground
RAC Logo Maritime Weather Forecasts from Environment Canada
RAC Logo General Weather Info and Forecasts
RAC Logo Weather Channel.
RAC Logo Weather Maps for North America.

Severe Weather Links

RAC Logo Caribbean Hurricane Watch
RAC Logo Hurricane Tracking Software
RAC Logo Hurricane Frequencies
RAC Logo Hurricane Watch Net
RAC Logo HURRICANECITY Atlantic Hurricane Tracking
RAC Logo US National Hurricane Center in Miami.

Emergency Information

RAC Logo FNRASEC (French Radio Amateur Emergency service)