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Antenna height

Calculator:  Antenna Gain Vs Height...VE3KL

Input Area
(See Instructions Below)
Select Antenna

Select Ground Type
Height Above Ground

Gain [dBi]
Elevation Angle [degrees]

What The Calculator Does

This calculator computes the Gain and Elevation angles for various antennas that are mounted over a perfect or lossy ground. All antennas are scaled in wavelengths which means that the calculations are extremely accurate for antennas mounted over a perfect ground and are good approximations when mounted over a lossy ground.

As the antenna is raised above approximately 0.5 wavelengths several strong lobes are generated.
The gain calculation refers to the maximum gain of the lobe with the lowest elevation angle.
The Antenna types are:

(1) A half wave horizontal dipole.
(2) A two element Yagi.
(3) A two element Quad.
(4) An Inverted V.
(5) A horizontal loop antenna with the total loop length equal to 1.0 wavelengths.
The loop is fed via a voltage source in the center of one of the wires.

How To Use The Calculator

(1) First select the antenna type from the drop down list.
(2) Now select the ground type (either perfect, or a medium loss type). Perfect refers to a metallic ground plane of infinite extent.
(3) Finally enter the Height of the antenna in wavelengths. The maximum and minimum heights depend on the antenna type being studied
The maximum height allowed in the calculator is 1.0 Wavelengths except for the Inverted V which can 1.25 Wavelengths high.
The minimum height for all antennas is 0.1 Wavelengths.