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Though the Family Radio Service is not amateur radio it does provide some useful supplementary capabilities as it offers communication between unlicensed operators. For example, you can talk with other family members who are not radio amateurs over relatively short distances e.g. car to car, snowmobile to snowmobile, cottage to boat, etc. 

The Family Radio Service in Canada operates in the 462.5625 - 462.7125 MHz and 467.5625 - 467.7125 MHz. bands. For more information, visit the Industry Canada web site at: http://strategis.ic.gc.ca/epic/internet/insmt-gst.nsf/vwGeneratedInterE/sf02120e.html

The following links will connect you to sites containing information about the Family Radio Service, the related Multi Use Radio Service, and the General Mobile Radio Service.

For those who are not amateur radio operators, links are included to information about becoming a radio amateur, and about becoming more actively involved in the public service and emergency service side of amateur radio.

Basic Information about FRS

RAC Logo Family Radio Service - What is it?
RAC Logo FRS Frequently Asked Questions
RAC Logo F-R-S Information Center - Welcome!!
Technical Information about FRS (Canada and USA)
RAC Logo Family Radio Service in Canada
RAC Logo FRS Rules (USA)
RAC Logo FRS Group Calling and Tone Cloning

General Mobile Radio Service Information (Canada and USA)

RAC Logo GMRS Description
RAC Logo Industry Canada Gazette Notice re GMRS
RAC Logo PRSG FRS HomePage
RAC Logo GMRS Web Magazine The E-Zine for the radio-active family!

Multi-Use Radio Service (MURS) Information (USA only)

RAC Logo MURS Home Page
RAC Logo MURS Tentative Rules
RAC Logo MURS Frequently Asked Questions

Sources of FRS and GMRS equipment

RAC Logo Cobra Family Radio Service Radios

Amateur Radio

RAC Logo How to Become a Radio Amateur in Canada
RAC Logo The Amateur Radio Emergency Service (ARES)
RAC Logo Frequently Asked Questions about ARES
RAC Logo How to Get Started in Amateur Radio in the USA