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Scanner Links

The following links will connect you to sites containing information about the hobby of scanning. These sites contain lots of information about the frequencies of public service and emergency transmissions which are potentially useful to amateur radio operators engaged in public service work.

For those readers who are not amateur radio operators, I have included links to information about becoming a radio amateur, and about becoming more actively involved in the public service and emergency service side of amateur radio.

Links to Canadian scanner pages

RAC Logo Victoria BC Scanner Site
RAC Logo Bill's Maritimes Scanner Site  
RAC Logo 911scanner - Scanner Frequency Guide  
RAC Logo Quebec Frequencies - Scanner Centre
RAC Logo Quebec Provincial Police Fire Scanner  Codes  
RAC Logo Canadian Frequency assignment lists (TAFL) main page 
RAC Logo Canada scanning reference    
RAC Logo VE2VGA La Radio, Les Fréquences...
RAC Logo Scan North
RAC Logo Edmonton Scanner List
RAC Logo St. John Ambulance Canada Home Page
RAC Logo Welcome to the OPP
RAC Logo Emergency Preparedness Canada Home Page
RAC Logo The Saskatchewan Scanner Page  
RAC Logo Scanner Centre - Canada's Source For Scanner Frequencies & Scanning Information!
RAC Logo ScannerWay

International links

RAC Logo Scanning the utilities police, radio, nasa, space shuttle, callsign, military, aero, frequency
RAC Logo Radio Scanner Frequency Lists  
RAC Logo Dutch Scanner Frequency list

USA scanner links

RAC Logo Scanner Frequencies
RAC Logo Other Scanner-Scanning-related Links
RAC Logo Mad Phoneman's Wireless and Scanning Links  
RAC Logo NF2G Scannist Pages (National)
RAC Logo Justin's Scanner Frequencies Unlimited!!!t
RAC Logo KD4LYP's amateur radio and scanner page.
RAC Logo Mitch's Scanner Pages  
RAC Logo Tuolumne Scanner Directory (California)  
RAC Logo Cleveland
RAC Logo Dallas/Fort Worth Area
RAC Logo Indianapolis
RAC Logo Long Island
RAC Logo Los Angeles area Fire Communications & Links  
RAC Logo Louisiana
RAC Logo Michigan (Selfridge Air National Guard Base)
RAC Logo John Wilson's Home Page
RAC Logo Northern New Jersey and New York City Frequencies
RAC Logo North Country scanner Radio HomePage
RAC Logo Ohio
RAC Logo Oklahoma
RAC Logo Pennsylvania
RAC Logo PA scanning (Zyla)
RAC Logo Tulsa Area Frequencies
RAC Logo Zipscanners -Reference

General information

RAC Logo Strong Signals - Radio Monitoring At Its Finest  
RAC Logo Hobby Radio Stop Homepage (Bearcat)
RAC Logo Scanning USA Magazine, the magazine for scanner hobbyists 
RAC Logo PerCon DataFinder 
RAC Logo Southeastern Wisconsin Monitoring Page  
RAC Logo Icom Receivers (scanner download info)  
RAC Logo Digital Modes sound  bytes  
RAC Logo BC245 Interface Freeware from Senss'2000
RAC Logo scanning reference pages
RAC Logo The Digital Scanner Revolution
RAC Logo General scanning info
RAC Logo VHF-UHF Scanning
RAC Logo Orange book
RAC Logo Scanner Radio and Computer Chat
RAC Logo AOR Ltd Homepage
RAC Logo Javiation Home Page

Amateur Radio

RAC Logo How to become a radio amateur in Canada
RAC Logo The Amateur Radio Emergency Service (ARES)