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SWL Links

The Web has all kinds of information about the hobby of Shortwave Radio, much of which is provided by the broadcasters themselves.

The use of satellites to relay programs for transmission by local shortwave stations is increasing rapidly, as is the consumer reception of radio programs directly from Broadcast Satellites. The World Wide Web is one of the best ways to keep abreast of the changing scene.

Here are a few direct links to the pages of well known broadcasters, as well as links to some of the many excellent Shortwave Directory pages.


Austria Radio Ísterreich International
Australia Radio Australia
Bahrain Radio Bahrain
Britain BBC World Service
Bulgaria BNR Bulgarian National Radio
Canada Radio Canada International
Croatia Frequencies of Croatian Radio
Czech Republic Radio Prague
Denmark Radio ABC
Denmark Radio Denmark
Ecuador HCJB World Radio
Estonia Eesti Raadio - Home Page
Finland YLE Radio Finland
France RFI - Radio France Internationale
Germany Deutsche Welle
Hong Kong Radio Television Hong Kong
Iceland RÝkis˙tvarpi­
India All India Radio
Indonesia Indonesian Radio Web
Iran Radio Iran
Ireland RTE
Israel Kol Israel
Korea Radio Korea International
Kuwait Kuwait Multimedia Center
Nepal Radio Nepal
New Zealand Radio New Zealand International
Netherlands Radio Netherlands
Poland Polski Radio
Romania Radio Romania International
Russia Voice of Russia
Singapore Radio Singapore International
Spain Radio Exterior de Espa˝a
South Africa South African Broadcasting Corporation
South Africa Channel Africa
Sweden Radio Sweden
Switzerland Swiss Radio International
Taiwan Radio Taiwan International
Broadcasting Corporation of China
United Kingdom BBC
USA Monitor Radio
The Voice of America
World Wide Christian radio WWCR
Vatican Welcome to Vatican Radio

Satellite Radio and TV

RAC Logo Robert Smathers Satellite WWW Page
RAC Logo Lyngemark Satellite Radio Chart  
RAC Logo XM Radio
RAC Logo Digital Radio Mondiale - Digital AM radio below 30MHz

Web receivers

RAC Logo The Listening Post - Links to Other Radios
RAC Logo The Listening Post - Shortwave
RAC Logo The Ultimate Web Shortwave Receiver - www.javaradio.com
RAC Logo EarthTuner - The Global Media Receiver - Realaudio at its best
RAC Logo On demand radio  
RAC Logo Live Radio on the Internet 
RAC Logo Welcome to Radio Afghanistan - Live music 24 hrs.  
RAC Logo MSNBC Space News      

SWL clubs

RAC Logo EDXC, European DX Council
RAC Logo Canadian International DX Club
RAC Logo Victoria DX group
RAC Logo Ontario DX Association web page.
RAC Logo The Association of North American Radio Clubs
RAC Logo NASWA-The North American Shortwave Association
RAC Logo South Pacific DX Resource Index
RAC Logo DX club of Bangladesh
RAC Logo Miami Valley DX Club
RAC Logo Long Wave Club of America A Longwave Home Page
RAC Logo DX 2000 

More SWL information

RAC Logo 1000 HF frequencies
RAC Logo Radio-Locator
RAC Logo RCI Action Committee - Radio Canada International  
RAC Logo Prime Time Shortwave - English shortwave broadcast schedules to North America
RAC Logo Irkutsk SWL DX Circle!
RAC Logo 10 Metre SWL contest
RAC Logo International Radio Stations
RAC Logo VE3SRE Amateur Radio & SWL page
RAC Logo RadioDirectory Stations
RAC Logo SWL Shortwave Radio Listeners QSL Card Museum
RAC Logo VE2SHW's Radio H.F. Internet Newsletter
RAC Logo Top DX information -- Nordic Shortwave Center
RAC Logo AM DXers Webring
RAC Logo AM Band DXing
RAC Logo W2XQ's SWL Pages
RAC Logo Governmental Shortwave Radio Stations  
RAC Logo Real Radio Understanding the Jargon
RAC Logo The Solar Guide
RAC Logo Antenna Advice
RAC Logo An Introduction to Long Distance Medium Wave Listening
RAC Logo Chris Smolinski's Short wave links
RAC Logo Bob's SWL Bookmarks
RAC Logo Bob Colyard's Shortwave & DXing Home page
RAC Logo Art Nolan's Homepage
RAC Logo Radio Stations on the Internet
RAC Logo Shortwave Broadcasts for New World Order News
RAC Logo The World Radio Network
RAC Logo Download (ftp) schedules for some Asian stations
RAC Logo A newsgroup for shortwave listeners
RAC Logo Radio Exterior de Espa˝a - Portada
RAC Logo Radio and Communications
RAC Logo DXtreme software  
RAC Logo Short wave listening
RAC Logo The Short Wave Page
RAC Logo ILG - International Listening Guide -
RAC Logo VOA Communications World
RAC Logo World Radio Network
RAC Logo Alfa Lima International 

Pointers to AM and FM Broadcast stations around the World

Digital Radio Broadcasting

RAC Logo BBC Online - Digital Radio
RAC Logo DRRI Digital Audio Broadcasting - Demo v2.0

Some Information about Amateur Radio

RAC Logo How to get started in Amateur radio in Canada
RAC Logo Frequently asked questions about Licences and Certificates in Canada
RAC Logo The Amateur bands in Canada
RAC Logo Study Guides
RAC Logo Learning Morse code
RAC Logo Amateur radio clubs in your area
RAC Logo Amateur radio courses