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Useful Links

Here are links to a few webs sites which may be of interest use to Radio Amateurs, but don't seem to fit under any of the usual headings.

More Useful Information

Compare your computer clock to WWV

Useful Internet Services

RAC Logo Canadian Amateur Radio E-Mail addresses
RAC Logo Canadian postal rates
RAC Logo International Postal Codes
RAC Logo HF Internet Resource List
RAC Logo Amateur Radio Elmer's Resource Directory
RAC Logo Excite E-mail Lookup
RAC Logo Four One One USA Telephone Directory Services
RAC Logo Welcome to Bigfoot
RAC Logo Google Search Engine 
RAC Logo Who Where
RAC Logo Internet Address Finder
RAC Logo The Travel Expenses Calculator(tm)
RAC Logo The Universal Currency Converter(tm)
RAC Logo The Credit Card Charges Calculator(tm)
RAC Logo MetaCrawler
RAC Logo Canadian Latitudes and Longitudes
RAC Logo How far is it ?
RAC Logo Find out where you are!
RAC Logo Grid Square List,
RAC Logo SM3GSJ software for grid locator and great circle maps
RAC Logo ITU Zones and Regions
RAC Logo Radio-Locator
RAC Logo US Naval observatory time info
RAC Logo Clocks and Time Horology site
RAC Logo The NIST Time and Frequency Division Home Page
RAC Logo The World Time Server - correct, current, local
RAC Logo All about Wireless Internet Services
RAC Logo Federal Standard 1037C Glossary of Telecommunications Terms
RAC Logo Weather Underground
RAC Logo Earth and Moon Viewer

3-D Ray-Tracing

RAC Logo MicroSoft TerraServer

Military Avaiation Links

RAC Logo The F-22 Raptor
RAC Logo Encyclopedia of military aircraft
RAC Logo Mystery Aircraft Resource Guide
RAC Logo FAS Mystery Aircraft

Computer Links

RAC Logo Action Quake2!
RAC Logo AltaVista Search Engine
RAC Logo CDW - Computer Discount Warehouse
RAC Logo Creative Labs
RAC Logo FreeScripts -- Free CGI Scripts!
RAC Logo Logitech
RAC Logo Movie Sounds Page
RAC Logo NedStat Basic Website
RAC Logo PixVision
RAC Logo U.S. Robotics
RAC Logo WebCrawler Searching
RAC Logo Welcome to Mathsoft, Inc.
RAC Logo Welcome to RealMedia !
RAC Logo WinZip Home Page


RAC Logo All Electronics Corp.
RAC Logo Alltronics Home Page
RAC Logo Digi-Key Corporation Home Page
RAC Logo GM3XIJ 13.8 volt 20 amp PSU.
RAC Logo MiniCircuits
RAC Logo Mouser Electronics
RAC Logo Newark Electronics, Catalog Distributor of Electronic Components
RAC Logo POWER-ONE Power Supply Products
RAC Logo R&L Electronics
RAC Logo Siliconix Homepage
RAC Logo Thorlabs, Inc.
RAC Logo Wireless Design Design and Development

Canadian Communications and Hi Tech Organizations
RAC Logo Canadian Advanced Technology Association
RAC Logo Canadian Association of Broadcasters
RAC Logo Canadian Wireless Telecommunications Association (CWTA)
RAC Logo Information Technology Association of Canada (ITAC)
RAC Logo Radio Advisory Board of Canada

Other National and International Communications Organizations

RAC Logo ITU The International Telecommunications Union (ITU)
RAC Logo ITU Amateur Service Page
RAC Logo ERO - European Radiocommunications Office
RAC Logo ETSI (European Telecommunication Standardization Institute)
RAC Logo ART Autorité de Régulation des Télécommunications
RAC Logo South Korea Ministry of Information and Communication
RAC Logo OFCOM Switzerland
RAC Logo Radiocommunications Agency (UK)
RAC Logo Federal Communications Commission (USA)
RAC Logo National Telecommunications & Information Administration USA
RAC Logo NTIA-Office of Spectrum Management
RAC Logo National Association of Broadcasters (U.S.)

Other International Organizations

RAC Logo Organization of American States