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Here are a few links to sites which list Amateur Radio Nets, some for traffic handling, some for other purposes. Please send URLs for any net listings which you think would be useful to other Amateurs, or any web sites which specialize in links to net sites.

We have also started a list of small special purpose nets where Amateurs regularly meet to discuss common interests. These can be found on a separate page of Canadian Nets. Additions to the list are welcome.

The Canadian Ladies Amateur Radio Association (CLARA) has created a list of as many Canadian nets that could be found and for which information could be obtained, as at December 6, 2007. It is in Excel spreadsheet format and may be viewed below at "Canadian Nets by CLARA". Any requests for changes, additions, corrections, etc. should be sent to .

RAC expresses sincere thanks to Ann and to the other members of CLARA who made this project possible. For further information about CLARA, please click HERE.

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