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RAC Logo Aurora Page
RAC Logo Auroral Forecast Maps - Geophysical Institute
RAC Logo Canadian Geomagnetic Forecasts
RAC Logo Near-Real-Time MUF Map
RAC Logo Simple Aurora Monitor (also in kit form) 

HF Propagation - Forecasts

RAC Logo HF Propagation Monthly Forecasts from VE3VIA
RAC Logo 11 Years of Propagation Forecasts from AD5Q

HF Propagation - Current

RAC Logo ACE Realtime Solar Wind Characteristics
RAC Logo Current 10.7 cm Solar Radio Flux Measurements
RAC Logo DRAO 10 cm Solar Radio Monitoring Program
RAC Logo D-Region Absorption Prediction
RAC Logo DXWorld Propagation Loggers
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RAC Logo Introduction to Radio Propagation
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RAC Logo TRACE Image Gallery - Spectacular !
RAC Logo WM7D - Solar Resource Page
RAC Logo Yohko Soft X-ray Images

Meteor / Tropo Scatter

RAC Logo Meteor Scatter Europe Live!
RAC Logo The Lights Report (including Aurora)
RAC Logo Automated Meteor Observations
RAC Logo MS_EXE Packet Meteor Scatter
RAC Logo K0SM's High Speed MS and VHF Page
RAC Logo The BEACONet Project  

Propagation Software

See also the following pages for amateur radio software links:

Digital Modes


RAC Logo HF Propagation Models
RAC Logo MacProp
RAC Logo MiniMUF
RAC Logo ProLab Pro 2.0
RAC Logo Voice of America VOACAP Propagation Software
RAC Logo WinCAP Wizard 3
RAC Logo W6EL Prop 

VHF-UHF Propagation

RAC Logo DXWorld Propagation Loggers
RAC Logo Introduction to VHF-UHF Propagation
RAC Logo N1BUG Website
RAC Logo OZ1RH Website
RAC Logo VHF / UHF Tropo Ducting Forecast