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Stolen Equipment

If you or your club has a News Bulletin or an Amateur Radio Web site, please copy or link to this page to provide as wide a coverage as possible for this information. If stolen equipment is widely publicized maybe we can discourage the thieves from this type of activity.

If some of your radio equipment has been lost or stolen, and you wish to list it below, please e-mail the web master above with the following information:


Equipment type and manufacturer's name: ___Hamcom 2-m hand held
Model Number: _______________________1234ABC
Serial number: ________________________9988776655
Date stolen ___________________________July 30, 1997
Your call sign: ________________________VA8XYZ
Your Name and address (for my records): ___J Smith, Ottawa, Manitoba
Any unique markings on the equipment: _____VA8XYZ/4
If there are no unique markings such as your call sign or SIN number, then list only equipment with serial numbers, as that is the only way to identify the equipment if found.

Please watch for the following items.

Manufacturer Model # Serial # Date stolen Location Remarks
Icom dual band mobile 2820H 1501287 April 6/2015 Aldergrove BC Paul MacDonald
Yaesu VHF UHF dual band mobile FT-7800R 8G811079 Oct 15/13 London Ontario
Yaesu> FT-857D 4K320111 Mar 28, 2005 Anchorage,AK KL6M Mike Melum
Yaesu FT50R 61090911 Apr 25, 2005 London, ON VE3SRI Paul Wallace
Langton, ON
Icom  IC32AT(E) 02856 Sep 14/01 Toronto, ON Modified for European toneburst - squelch button depresses Nigel
Icom  3230A 001123 Sep 15/04 Abbotsford, BC
Icom 2400A 001182 Sep 9/04 Abbotsford, BC Lloyd VE7LAP
Yaesu FT857 3D040466 July 15/04 Toronto Gerald VE3HDW
Realistic Radio Shack HTX242 0167375 May 18,2004 Brantford ON
Icom IC-2100H 024716 May /04 Nakusp, B.C
Icom IC-229--H 16469 Apr/04 Gibsons, B.C Gibsons RCMP File Number 2004-3012
Kenwood THK 2AT 5050002 Mar/04 New Westminster
Cst F.S.Stewart
Kenwood TH-D7AG 20600070. Mar/04 Saskatoon
Yaesu FT5-30 dual band handheld 3F161085 Oct/03 Chilliwack B.C
Icom 2720H dual band mobile 1623 Feb/03 London, ON
Kenwood TS 840SAT/400Hz/400Hz/
Kenwood IF filters
208000023 Jan/02 Calgary AB
Kenwood TS 840SAT/1.8KHz/400Hz/
400Hz/INRAD IF filters
301000938 Jan/02 Calgary AB
MCX-100 mobile radio MCX-100   Aug /01 Salmo B.C.
Kantronics TNC KPC-3 Plus 11K01-07690 Aug /01 Salmo B.C.
Yaesu Mobile Transceiver & Separation Kit FT100 9E032180 Aug 12/01 Vancouver, BC
Kenwood TM-742A 00200058 June 21/01 Maple Ridge BC
Icom control head 706 MK11G 02569 June 21/01 Maple Ridge BC
2 Meter
TM-255A 61100033 Apr 30/01 Belleville ON
Yaesu 2M Handheld FT-411E 2G650685 Feb 20/01 Chilliwack BC

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