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220 MHz

This page is devoted to this individual band. Click here for the RAC Bandplan for this band. See also the  links that apply to several or all VHF, UHF and Microwave bands.

For information on repeaters click here.

In Canada all of the amateur bands from 440 MHz to 10.4 GHz are secondary, i.e. we must accept interference from other services with which we share the bands. These other services are expanding rapidly, reducing the utility of the bands to amateurs.

On the other hand, the amateur bands below 430 MHz are allocated on an exclusive primary basis except for a few minor exceptions.

The band 222 to 225 MHz in Canada is an exclusive primary allocation to amateur radio as it is in the USA.

Since 222 - 225 MHz is one of the last pieces of prime real estate available to amateurs, we should make good use of it, or it will be taken over.

It has been suggested that the 222 MHz band is an ideal place for expansion of IRLP to avoid repeater coordination congestion.

If you are planning to use 222 MHz, here are some links which you may find useful.

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