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2300 MH

This page is devoted to this individual band. Click here for the RAC Bandplan for this band. See also the  links that apply to several or all VHF, UHF and Microwave bands.

This page is dedicated to stirring up interest in what may well be the next amateur radio band we lose.

We can use this band for satellite communications, communications to, and between, manned spacecraft, and moonbounce communications, just to name a few. Line of site land based communications is easy, but beyond the horizon communications is a challenge, and there is plenty of room for experimentation.

Have a look at More Operating and Technical information, our Microwave Page, and the RAC 2.4 GHz Bandplan.

Some Canadian and US amateurs are using 2.4 GHz. The ARRL have a data base of activity on the VHF, UHF, and Microwave bands on their web site. Or you can visit VE6NTT's Western Canadian Weak Signal Registry

See also our page on Canadian Claimed SHF Terrestrial Firsts and Distance Records prepared by Steve Kavanagh VE3SMA

In the meantime, here are a few sites on the internet where you can see what others are doing, and where you can look for components and equipment.


RAC Logo 2.4 GHz Signal Source
RAC Logo 2.4 GHZ Wireless Video Sender-Receiver
RAC Logo 2.4 GHz Wireless - 700ft.
RAC Logo Active Devices for the 2.4GHz ISM Band
RAC Logo Prism 2.4 GHz Chip Set
RAC Logo Shack of VK3JED 2.4 GHz


RAC Logo 2.4 GHz Wireless Surveillance System
RAC Logo Covert Devices - 2.4 GHz

Local Area Networks

RAC Logo 2.4 GHz Wireless LANS
RAC Logo 2.4 GHz WaveLAN


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