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Canadian Claimed Terrestrial Firsts and Distance Records for Bands Above 3 GHz

Provided by Steve Kavanagh, VE3SMA

Version 4.3 - 25-Jan-07

Type Canada-Canada Canada-USA
Stations Date Dist
Stations Date
3.4 1st 3 VE3PFC-VE3SMA 07-Jun-91 619 VE4MA-WA0BWE 24-Aug-94
DX 424 VE2JWH-W1AIM/VE2 12-Aug-06 619 VE4MA-WA0BWE 24-Aug-94
5.7 1st 4 VE3DJ-VE3SMA/VE3OIK
(see Note 1)
10-July-94 218 VE3OIK-WA8WZG 12-Jul-98
12-Aug-06 619 VE4MA-WA0BWE 30-Jul-99
10 1st 1 VE4MA-VE4RD May-69 123
(see Note 1)
12-Aug-06 753 VE4MA-KM0T 25-Aug-05
24 1st 12 VE5EB-PA0KKZ/VE5 ;Aug-85 7 WB2ELB/VE3-KB2YTW 21-Sep-96
DX 74 VE3VXO-VE3OIK 10-Mar-01 174 VE4MA-W0ZQ 24-Sep-06
47 1st 1 K2LDU/VE3-N2EZS/VE3 17-Apr-04 130 K2LDT/VE3-WB2BYP 12-Sep-04
DX 1 K2LDU/VE3-N2EZS/VE3 17-Apr-04 130 K2LDT/VE3-WB2BYP 12-Sep-04
Above 275 GHz (see
Note 3)
(visible laser - approx. 470 THz)
20-Jul-03 (none) (none) (none)
(visible laser - approx. 470 THz)
14-Nov-06 (none) (none) (none)


1. Multiple callsigns used with a single rig.

2. Portable indicators are not necessarily shown when in call area indicated by callsign.

3. Contacts above 275 GHz only between licensed radio amateurs are shown in the records table, to encourage experimentation. Transmitters must employ coherent signals (e.g. lasers, not light bulbs) and receivers must employ at least one stage of electronic detection. Multiple records may be shown if claims are made for significantly different frequencies of operation (for example sub-millimetre waves, infrared, visible light). Such operation is not covered by the regulations pertaining to Amateur Radio. Operators using these frequencies are responsible for ensuring that they meet any applicable regulations, such as those pertaining to safe use of lasers outdoors.

This table was generated based solely on QSOs of which VE3SMA is aware. To distinguish laboratory curiosities from real communications capability a minimum distance of 1 km has been assumed to be listed here. To be listed, claimants will have to provide both call signs, distance and date of the QSO. I am unaware of any QSOs involving stations in Canada on bands between 50 and 275 GHz. Peter Shilton, VE3AX, is compiling Canadian distance record data for the bands between 144 and 2450 MHz. Please send your claims for these bands to him at

Where more than one QSO is shown as a first, it is because the stations made the QSOs within a period of a few minutes and can be considered co-holders of the "title". Where more than one QSO is shown as a distance record it is because the exact path has been worked more than once by different stations, or (for now) only partial data has been received from the likely record holder.

Please provide any inputs and updates to:

Steve Kavanagh, VE3SMA
141 Woodside Ave., Apt.314
Cambridge, Ontario N1S 4R8

Information sources used in compiling data:

Above 275 GHz: e-mails from VE7DXG, list postings by VE2PIJ
47 GHz: emails from N2EZS, K2LDU, WB2BYP
24 GHz: VE3SMA log, e-mails from W2EV, WB2VUO, VE6KKZ, VE6TC, K2EHF, K2LDU, VE4MA, phone calls from VE3OIK, VE3VXO
10 GHz: e-mails from VE4MA, W1AIM, W1FKF, W0ZQ, VE6TC & VE2PIJ, VE1BCZ (now VE3SMA) log (+memory), QSOs with VE3OIK, VE3FN/2
5.7 GHz: VE3SMA log, e-mails from VE3OIK, VE4MA, VE2PIJ
3.4 GHz: e-mails fom VE4MA, VE2PIJ, VE3SMA log, WW8M QSL card for VE3SMA
General: e-mail from N2WK

Contest results used in compiling data:

  10 GHz (+up) Cumulative: 1987,1992,1993,1996
  Jan.VHF SS: 1977,1997
  June VHF QSO Party: 1995
  Sept. VHF QSO Party:1985,1994
  ARRL UHF Contest: 1994,1995