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Applicant's Name __________________________________________________________________

Address ___________________________________________________________

Amateur Radio Call Sign ____________________________________________________________

Arrival Date in Canada ___/___/___ Departure Date from Canada ___/____/______

Address in Canada_________________________________________________________________

I, the undersigned amateur radio licensee, request a permit for operation of an amateur radio station in Canada. I understand that if a permit is granted, my operation of an amateur radio station must be in accordance with Canadian rules and regulations and the terms and conditions of the amateur licence issued by my government

Enclosed are:

  1. A copy of operator's licence.
  2. A copy of station licence, if issued separately.

Date __________________________

Signature _____________________________________________

Please mail your application to:

Industry Canada
Amateur Radio Service Centre
P.O. Box 9654
Postal Station T
Ottawa, ON  K1G 6K9

Telephone: <Country Code, if applicable> 888 780-3333 (Toll Free within Canada)
FAX: <Country Code, if applicable> 613 991-5575