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The following pages have gathered together information for visitors to Canada from foreign countries, or for Canadians traveling to different regions of our country.

For visitors, here are the basic facts about operating in Canada

RAC Logo The Amateur Bands in Canada
RAC Logo Canadian Amateur Radio Band Plans
RAC Logo ITU Call Sign Prefixes Assigned to Canada
RAC Logo Canadian Amateur Radio Call Sign Prefix Map
RAC Logo Canadian Call Sign List
RAC Logo Information for Foreign Amateurs Operating in Canada
RAC Logo The Canada / US Reciprocal Agreement
RAC Logo Reciprocal Operating Agreements with other countries

When you arrive in Canada or a particular part of Canada, you may want to get in contact with a local club. Here are listings of Canadian amateur radio clubs with mailing  addresses and call signs.

You may be looking for information about local repeaters. Try:

RAC Logo Repeaters

To contact Industry Canada, the government agency responsible for the amateur service in Canada, follow the link below:

RAC Logo Industry Canada Amateur Radio Service Centre