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1. Lima Convention

The Inter-American Convention on Amateur Service was adopted in Lima, Peru, 1987 during the Fifth Inter-American Telecommunication Conference (CITEL/RES.130 (V-87)) and was amended to facilitate the full participation of CITEL Member States during the First Extraordinary Meeting of CITEL in 1988 (CITEL/RES.141 (I/E-88)). This Convention provides for the use of the amateur radio service for nationals of a Member State in the territory of another Member State.

The Lima Convention came into force on February 21, 1990. The General Secretariat of the OAS is the depository of the original instrument, ratification and adhesions.
Signatory Countries Date RA/AC/AD Date for the Instrument Deposit
Argentina 14/08/87 11/03/90 RA 06/12/90
Bolivia 14/08/87    
Brazil 14/08/87    
Canada   06/04/89 AP 18/05/89
Chile 14/08/87    
Colombia 14/08/87    
Guatemala   05/12/89 AP 22/01/90
Haiti 14/08/87    
Mexico   13/03/89 AP 21/06/89
Paraguay 07/09/95 24/05/95 RA 15/09/95
Peru 14/08/87    
Surinam 14/08/87    
United States 14/08/87 21/02/91 AC 20/03/91
Uruguay 14/08/87    
Venezuela   14/10/88 AP 30/11/88

RA = ratification
AC = acceptance
AD = adhesion

The signatures not subject to ratification, approval or acceptance: According to articles 7 (a) and 10 of the Convention these countries are parties of the convention: Argentina, Bolivia, Brazil, Colombia, Chile, Haiti, Peru and Surinam. The signatures subject to ratification, approval or acceptance according to Article 7 (b) of the convention: United States and Uruguay.

2. Inter-American Convention on the International Amateur Radio Permit (IARP)

The second meeting of CITELís Permanent Executive Committee in December 1994 (COM/CITEL/RES.5 (II-94) approved it. Afterwards it was adopted in Montrouis, Haiti during the twenty-fifth ordinary period of sessions of the General Assembly (AG/RES.1316 (XXV-O/95)). This convention provides for temporary amateur station operations of under its authority to persons licensed with an IARP by another member state without further review. Any member state may exclusively grant licenses to its citizens to operate in other member state. The IARP Convention came into force on February 23, 1996. The depository is the General Secretariat of the OAS for RA, AC and AD.

Signatories Countries Date RA/AC/AD Date for instrument deposit
Argentina 29/01/97 29/01/97 AD  03/03/97
Brazil 24/01/97 19/08/99 RA  28/09/99
Canada 27/09/95 27/09/95 AC 27/09/95
Peru 15/09/95 28/12/95 RA 24/01/96
United States 08/06/95    
Uruguay 08/06/95    
Venezuela 05/02/96    

RA = ratification
AC = acceptance
AD = adhesion