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CARAB Report

On May 2nd, the spring CARAB meeting was held in Ottawa. Representatives from RAC met with representatives from Industry Canada. I also attended to present the committee's report on "The Restructuring of Amateur Radio in Canada." The report was very well received and generated a lot of interest and discussion on the part of Industry Canada's Policy Analyst, Jim Thiessen (VE3KV) who chaired the meeting.

A number of issues which might add to Industry Canada's workload were reviewed and suggestions were made about how this might be avoided. The use of four-letter suffixes, recommended for the entry level licence, caused some concern, as Industry Canada's database evidently can not accommodate this configuration.

Industry Canada's level of interest in this report was high enough that they wish us to make another presentation, to include a number of other executives from their organization.

They did, however, warn us that, while they will probably support the introduction of an entry level certificate such as we recommended in the report, it will take some time to come into being. Because it might well involve changes to the Radio Regulations, a time delay of three years or more would not be seen, by Industry Canada, to be excessive.

What will RAC do

In preparation for the next presentation of the report, we will examine how the additional workload which caused concern to Industry Canada might be alleviated. As is being done so successfully in Australia, some of this work might be done by our Designated Examiners, by participating clubs and by mentors working with potential licencees. If, on the strength of this further presentation, we receive a confirmation of support from Industry Canada, then we will probably begin to work on the details of the proposed program.

Bj. Madsen - VE5FX
RAC MidWest Director
Chairman, Restructuring of Amateur Radio in Canada Committee