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In May of 2006, RAC formed a committee, headed by Bj. Madsen VE5FX, to look into the possibility of submitting a proposal to Industry Canada. This committee is called 'The Advisory Committee on Restructuring of Amateur Radio in Canada'.

Committee Members:

Bj. Madsen - VE5FX - Chairman - from Tisdale, SK
Howard Dickson - VE1DHD - from Seabright, NS
Jim Anderson - VE6JWA - from Edmonton, AB
Neil Carleton - VE3NCE - from Almonte, ON
Brian Jackson - VE6JBJ - from Airdrie, AB
Jim Dean - VE3IQ - from Ottawa, ON
Earle Smith - VE6NM - Rac's President, ex officio member, from Grande Prairie, AB

The committee has begun initial work.

  1. An official Bulletin has been released.
  2. An article for TCA has been written and was published in the May/June 2006 issue.<
  3. Another article will appear in the July/Aug 2006 issue of TCA
  4. A PowerPoint presentation is available for presentation to clubs
  5. A questionnaire has been developed
  6. We're now looking for YOUR input

Please send your questions or comments to Bj. Madsen: