RAC Email Alias Service

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The RAC Email Alias service will only be provided to current paid RAC members as of November 2011. This is a service where you can use your callsign @ rac.ca as a valid email address that will forward to an external email account such as GMail.

If you need to update or remove the forwarding email address please login to the RAC website WITH YOUR MEMBERSHIP NUMBER and password. Please update your mail record using the left hand panel under the Members Section, My Profile, MyAlias - update or delete.


RAC runs several mail filters and Spam Assassin in an effort to block or mark items as spam if the content is questionable. It is not possible to filter everything and efforts will be made to curtail the amount of spam. Please note that questionable items may appear to be coming from the RAC mail service but we only a forwarding agent for mail being sent to your callsign. Sometimes your email will be blocked by your service provider, we will attempt to assist where possible.

If you have any further questions please email the Chief information and Technology Officer.