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From: RAC Headquarters Date: February 16, 1999 Subject: Two New RAC Contest Managers RAC President Pat Doherty has appointed two new HF Contest Managers. Gord Kosmenko VE6SV will manage the Canada Day Contest and Dave Shipman VE7CQD the Winter Contest. The appointments reflect the growing popularity with both RAC contests necessitating the change from a sole HF Manager. Both Gord and Dave will report to RAC's Contest Chairman, Tim Ellam VE6SH, who is also RAC's appointee to the ARRL Contest /advisory Committee. Gord, Dave and Tim will review the format of both contests in order to keep them current and consider the introduction of new categories, as well as electronic log submissions. 1998 Canada Day Contest Results Delayed With the retirement of former HF Contest Manager Dave Goodwin VE2ZP, the 1998 Canada Day contest lacked a manager. RAC Contest Chairman Tim Ellam VE6SH took on the task of preparing the results, but due to both professional and RAC commitments he was unable to commence this task until late in 1998 with the hope the results would be released prior to the end of the year. Unfortuantly VE6SH suffered an catastrophic computer failure in January with> a corresponding loss of the many logs which had been cross#023#checked and entered. Tim hastens to add that hard copies of all the submitted logs are safe and he is busy re entering all contest logs with the plan to post the results on the RAC website as soon as possible and in the May/June issue of TCA.