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From: RAC Headquarters Date: February 18th, 1999 Subject: INDUSTRY CANADA TO VERIFY AMATEUR RADIO DATA BASE INFORMATION Industry Canada utilizes multiple databases to manage the authorization of amateur radio operators. As a result, there currently is no automated method for matching the qualifications of an amateur operator with a specific call sign assignment. Part of the enhancement work being done by RAC in the ongoing maintenance of the official Amateur Call Sign Data Base on the Internet, consists of electronically merging the records from the Industry Canada data bases to obtain as great a match as possible between call signs and certificate qualifications. RAC has completed their work on this task. However, due to variations in the initial entry of names of Amateurs in the current data bases, approximately 29% of the records remain unmatched. In order to complete this matching process and ensure that the data base will accurately reflect Amateur qualifications, Industry Canada will soon be requesting information from Amateurs. This will be done as a mail out to these Amateurs whose records could not be electronically matched. Industry Canada will be requesting the confirmation of vital information, such as date of birth and telephone number. In respect of individuals' privacy, it is important to point out that this type of personal information is strictly for facilitating the matching process. It will be treated as confidential and will not be made available when the new data base is released on the Internet. When completed this new information will be made available to Amateurs via the RAC Internet Call Sign Data Base web page. The availability of a public data base for Amateurs that accurately reflects callsign and certificate qualification information is of significant value to the amateur radio community. Therefore Industry Canada and RAC ask those Amateurs who receive a letter to respond quickly and positively to this request for matching information in order to facilitate the process.