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From: RAC Headquarters Date: March 31, 1999 Subject: RAC NTS Sponsors New Award RAC National Traffic System Sponsors New Award Following the precedent set by the American Radio Relay League, Radio Amateurs of Canada announces the availability to Canadian radio amateurs of the new RAC National Traffic System Message Origination Award. This new award is designed expressly for neophyte traffic handlers, and is available on a one-time-only basis. To obtain one, Canadian radio amateurs must show proof of having ORIGINATED (not merely transmitted) at least four properly radiogram-formatted National Traffic System messages in a one-month time frame. Amateurs seeking the new National Traffic System Message Origination Award are encouraged to contact their Section Manager and/or Section Traffic Manager for further details as to local implementation procedures for obtaining this prestigious new NTS award. Current Section Manager address and contact information are listed in The Canadian Amateur and on the RAC web site at http://www.rac.ca It will be up to the amateur to determine who his SM/STM is, and how to provide him or her with the necessary proof. To obtain this certificate, the SM or STM must check the information provided by the applicant and notify me, at which point, I will issue the certificate and mail it directly to the applicant. Pierre Mainville, VA3PM RAC Field Services Manager