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From: RAC Headquarters Date: April 30, 1999 Subject: RAC President Doherty Resigns Patrick Doherty, VE3PD has resigned his position as President of Radio Amateurs of Canada. He succeeded long-time President J. Farrell Hopwood, VE7RD on Jan 1 this year. Like all other RAC Executive Officers and Directors, the RAC President is an unpaid volunteer. Under the RAC Constitution, First Vice President Doug Leach, VE3XK is Acting President until a new President can be elected by the RAC Board of Directors. During his four months in office, Mr Doherty brought about major changes in the operation and management of the organization. RAC, like many other national organizations, was faced with decreasing membership and consequent falling revenues during 1998. Mr. Doherty drastically cut RAC expenses in order to balance the budget for 1999. Purchases of The Canadian Amateur magazine were reduced to six issues per year from the previous eleven. A downsizing and realignment of head office staff and rented office space along with other cost-cutting measures have significantly reduced operating expenses. Following a significant loss in 1998, the financial situation is turning around. RAC membership also is now growing again after a low at yearend. President Doherty also reorganized the RAC management team to deal with other changes in the Amateur Radio environment. He brought on board Treasurer John Watson, VE3GTX and a new Vice President for Industrial Liaison Don Rowed, VE3KII. Vice President Tim Ellam, VE6SH moved to Vice President of Regulatory Affairs, and Tim Ray, VE3XV took on the task of RAC Honourary Counsel. Sincere thanks for his contributions to RAC and best wishes for the future are extended to Mr Doherty. Doug Leach VE3XK Acting President, Radio Amateurs of Canada