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From: RAC Headquarters Date: June 21, 1999 Subject: Trans-Atlantic 2M Contact Attempts Beginning on June 26th and continuing until July 4th 1999, a group in Scotland, led by Bill Ward GM0ICF, will be operating from Ardnamurchan Light House on Ardnamurchan Point, the most westerly point in the mainland British Isles, in an attempt to make the first transatlantic 2-way contact on 144MHz. Operating from the North American side will be a group, led by Paul Piercey VO1HE, operating from Cabot Tower, the site where Marconi received the first transatlantic signal in 1901. The operating frequency on 2 metres will be 144.075 MHz plus/minus interference and at 15-18 wpm CW. Operating times will be between 1200 - 2000 UTC daily for the entire period but most likely not the entire 8 hours per day. Stations on both sides of the Atlantic are encouraged to join in this attempt, either to make contact with or give propagation reports. You can send these reports to vo1he@rac.ca and they will be relayed to Bill in Scotland via HF. The callsign of the Scottish station will be 2S0ICF/P and the call of the Canadian station will be VO1AA. For more information, check out the URL http://www.irts.ie/brendan.htm for the rules.