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From: RAC Headquarters Date: September 8, 1999 Subject: Basic+5 approved for 10M Industry Canada has advised RAC that a Canada Gazette Part II Notice to be issued in the Canada Gazette on Saturday, 11 September, 1999 will grant approval for Amateur Radio Certificate holders with both Basic and 5 WPM Qualifications to operate on 10 Metres. The Notice will include the necessary amendment to RIC-2 and the authorization is to be effective 11 September. Amateurs with Basic + 5 WPM qualifications should check the Notice on the Industry Canada web site at http://strategis.ic.gc.ca/spectrum before operating. This approval is the culmination of an initiative by RAC in response to requests to RAC Directors by amateurs across Canada. The approval follows extensive RAC/Industry Canada direct discussions, discussions in CARAB meetings, and public consultation by Industry Canada. The 56 responses received from the public consultation were overwhelmingly supportive of the initiative. RAC appreciates the efforts by Industry Canada to accomodate this expansion of operating privileges. RAC also thanks all those individuals, clubs and organizations who contributed to the review. For further information, see the RAC web site at http://www.rac.ca