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From: RAC Headquarters Date: November 18, 1999 Subject: RAC Activates Official Observer Program The new RAC OO program was developed to encourage high standards on the amateur radio bands, entirely independent of government. Government has long held that amateur radio is self-governing and this program continues in that tradition of self-help. The OO program objective is to reinforce good operating habits. Penalizing bad operating habits is the task of enforcement by Industry Canada. A detailed description of the RAC Official Observer Program appeared in the September/October, 1999, issue of The Canadian Amateur and is also posted on the RAC web site. The first "Good Operator" and "Advisory" notices are being mailed as this is written. The Official Observer will actively look for and report on stations that have unusually good signals or operating procedures, and which set an example for the rest of the community. At least 70% of notices sent every month by new Official Observers, will be such Good Operator notices. The OO also notes troubling operating practices or technical difficulties. The OO task is not to find fault, but to find ways to achieve solutions. Advisory Notices are to be the result of detached objective monitoring in which the Official Observer is not otherwise personally involved. The OO is not to send a notice to someone interfering with them or with a net or repeater on which they are operating. If you receive an Advisory Notice, please remember that the Official Observer is trying to do a good job in service to his/her fellow radio amateurs, especially you. He/she is simply reporting a condition relating to your radio signal (or of someone using your call sign); and is not attacking you personally. You need not reply - the OO has completed his/her task by simply alerting you. Compliance is up to you. The OO must not only be well qualified and service-oriented, but must also be capable of exercising good judgment, tact and diplomacy. While others are rag-chewing or working DX, the Official Observer is performing functions vital to the future of Amateur Radio, and dedicated to a mission of help and fraternalism.