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From: RAC Headquarters Date: January 2, 2000 Subject: New HF Band Planning Committee RAC establishes new HF Band Planning Committee The RAC Board of Directors has appointed a new committee to advise on revisions and improvements to RAC band plans covering the spectrum from 1.8. to 29 MHz. The new committee will be chaired by Bob Nash VE3KZ . Among other things, the committee will consider the proposed restructuring of the HF Amateur bands in the USA as proposed by the ARRL and by the FCC and offer advice and recommendations for changes to the Canadian plans if appropriate. (The current RAC HF bandplan was prepared by a committee chaired by Pat Doherty VA3PD, and was approved in 1995) The committee will also review the changes to the 40 metre band proposed by the IARU, and recommend a Canadian position on the changes. And finally, the committee has also been asked to consider possible new HF amateur bands between 1.8 and 30 MHz and recommend priorities for RAC in dealings with the Canadian Government and the ITU if appropriate. On his committee, Bob will have the following representatives from across Canada. Augustus Samuelson V01MP gussam@voyager.newcomm.net John Connor VE3TG ve3tg@rac.ca Garry Hammond VE3XN ghammond@gate-way.net Robert Kaufmann VE4GN rkaufman@magic.mb.ca Donald Moman VE6JY ve6jy@freenet.edmonton.ab.ca Timothy Ellam VE6SH ve6sh@rac.ca All Canadian amateurs can have a say in the band planning process. If you wish to have an input, please send your comments and suggestions Bob Nash at rtnash@netcom.ca or contact the committee member nearest to you. The committee will report to the President through Vice President International Affairs, Ken Pulfer VE3PU. ------------------------ Guy Charron VA3FZA Bulletin Editor Radio Amateurs of Canada Email: Packet: va3fza@ve2wxk WWW: www.rac.ca