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From: RAC Headquarters Date: March 26, 2000 Subject: Industry Canada seeks comments on 2285-2483.5 MHz Industry Canada seeks comments on policies for the band 2285- 2483.5 MHz Industry Canada has recently released a proposed policy governing spectum utilization in a band which overlaps the amateur 2300-2450 MHz band If approved, the policy will make provision for ore users of this part of the spectrum. At the present time, Canadian amateurs have only a secondary allocation between 2300 and 2450 MHz, and may not cause interference to primary users. The proposed policy does not mention our current request for a primary allocation around 2400 MHz, nor does it propose any changes which would take into account our concerns. The Industry Canada document is available in pdf format from the IC Strategis web site at: http://strategis.ic.gc.ca/SSG/sf02105e.html?he=y Amateurs have an opportunity to comment now, with a deadline of June 23. RAC will be discussing the implications of the proposal with Industry Canada, and submitting a response outlining our use of the band and expressing our concerns, together with our recommendations