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From: RAC Headquarters Date: July 2, 2000 Subject: Ukraine joins CEPT T/R61-01 Canada as a non-CEPT country participates in CEPT Recommendation T/R61-01. This allows Canadians to operate their amateur radio station while temporarily visiting CEPT countries. Ukraine is the first CIS nation to be added to the CEPT list whereas the agreement between Canada and the Ukraine has been successfully concluded and meets all the requirements. The amateur radio community can enjoy the benefits of the CEPT reciprocal operating agreement with the Ukraine. Working toward achieving the CEPT agreement beween the Ukraine and Canada, which has been ongoing for 5 years, was the Amateur Radio League of Alberta (ARLA), Mike Eliuk, VE6MY, ARLA Past President Joe Green, VE6JMG, UARL President Igor Zeldin, UR5LCV, Dr. Roman Petryshyn from Grant McEwan Community College, Hon. Anne McLellan, Justice Minister and MP West Edmonton, Jan Skora from Industry Canada and Ron Kalinsky of Zollotto Mines Ltd.