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From: RAC Headquarters Date: August 14, 2000 Subject: RAC Asks Industry Canada To Discontinue The 12 W.P.M. Morse Code Test During the past year, RAC has consulted with the Canadian Amateur community in various ways including web site surveys, message boards, analysis of e-mail and postal correspondence, letters to the editor of The Canadian Amateur magazine and as well as on-the-air discussions and fora. The RAC Board of Directors has concluded that a majority of Canadian Amateurs are supportive of dropping the 12 W.P.M. Morse test although many are against such a change. In a recent letter to Industry Canada, RAC President Kenneth Oelke, VE6AFO recommended that full HF operating privileges be granted to amateurs who have passed a 5 W.P.M. Morse test. At the same time, Mr Oelke requested that the department consider the augmentation of written tests to strengthen and expand the requirements for operator knowledge and skills in the areas of station set up and operation, on-air procedures and operating practices, and to include more questions on modern modes of communication employed by Radio Amateurs. This proposal would give Canadian radio amateurs operating privileges similar to those currently accorded to United States amateurs who successfully pass a 5 W.P.M Morse test. Industry Canada is aware that a review of the international regulations governing the Amateur Services will take place at the next World Radio Conference currently scheduled for 2003. One aspect of such a review would be the testing requirements for access to frequencies below 30 MHz. The proposed review is supported by the International Amateur Radio Union, which has consulted with its member organizations in over 180 countries during the past four years. Independent of the review of the International Regulations, many countries including The United Kingdom, Australia, South Africa, and many European countries are either considering or have already decided to decrease their Morse testing requirements. A decision by Canada to drop the 12 W.P.M. test would be in harmony with what is happening in other parts of the world and would simplify the negotiation and implementation of reciprocal operating agreements. ------------------------ From: RAC Headquarters Date: July 28, 2000 Subject: TCA circuit diagram correction Bob, VE7BS, reports that several readers of TCA have commented on the diagram of the diode matching unit shown in the QUA column of the current TCA. The diagram is wrong. Both resistors are 3k9 (3.9k in our language) and the polarity of the diodes should be reversed. A correction will be shown in the next issue.