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From: RAC Headquarters Date: May 9, 2001 Subject: CARAB 16 Meeting in Cornwall Radio Amateurs of Canada met with Industry Canada officials at the semi-annual spring meeting of the Canadian Amateur Radio Advisory Board (CARAB) in Cornwall, ON. on April 26th. The following were highlights of the meeting. - Industry Canada confirmed that a Canada Gazette notice will soon be released with regard to reducing the 12 wpm code requirement to 5 wpm for full HF operating privileges. - Industry Canada has found and corrected errors in the new automatic exam generator. There still may be some minor problems to be corrected in the next version. - Industry Canada and RAC are working toward reciprocal operating agreements with Hong Kong, Thailand and bringing operating agreements with other countries up-to-date. - Industry Canada and RAC agreed that amateurs should be well aware of Radio Frequency Fields (RFF) and have an understanding of the application of Health Canada's Safety Code 6. Industry Canada and RAC are also working to ensure the public and amateur operators have access to information on this this subject. - Discussions on enforcement of the radio regulations continue. Industry Canada has limited resources and therefore highly depend on Amateurs to be responsible operators capable of resolving internal disputes. For further information visit . More details of the discussions will be published in the CARAB 16 meeting minutes and provided at a later date on the Industry Canada website http://strategis.ic.gc.ca/SSG/sf01778e.html