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From: RAC Headquarters Date: May 14, 2001 Subject: Annual General Meeting of Members The RAC Annual General Meeting of Members was held at the NAV Canada facilities, Cornwall, Ontario on Sunday morning, April 29, 2001. Approximately 45 people attended. The members present were asked to approve the audited financial report, which indicated a modest surplus for the second year in a row. BDO Dunwoody LLP (Ottawa) were once again appointed by the members as the auditors for the year 2001. The Carl Everson VE3BYX Memorial Silent Key Listing was dedicated. It will appear on the RAC website at Larry Kayser VA3LK was presented with a framed certificate in recognition of technical excellence in the achievement of trans-Atlantic communication on 136 kHz. The RAC President, Ken Oelke VE6AFO addressed the assembly and spoke to his Report to the Members. He gave highlights of the RAC Board of Directors meeting held the two days immediately preceeding the AGM. He also reported on the CARAB meeting with Industry Canada, held earlier that same week. Bill Wilson VE3NR, was then asked to take the floor and present his paper entitled "CORE VALUES". The RAC Directors had unanimously embraced this document at the Board Meeting, and were delighted to have Mr. Wilson present to read his own words to the assembly. The formal meeting was adjourned. The members were then afforded the opportunity to raise questions of general interest, which were directed to the various members of the Board and Executive of RAC. A lively question and answer session ensued.