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From: RAC Headquarters Date: May 14, 2001 Subject: RAC Board of Directors Meeting The Board of Directors of Radio Amateurs of Canada held its annual meeting on April 27 and 28 at the NAV Canada facilities, Cornwall, Ontario. A brief summary of some of the highlights is provided here to the RAC members. The Board welcomed ARRL President Jim Haynie W5JBP, who brought greetings from ARRL. The Board received with thanks reports from members of the Executive, Directors and Standing and Advisory Committees and dealt with action items arising from the various reports. The Board reviewed the audited financial statements for 2000, which showed a slight surplus for the organization. The 2001 budget received final approval, and a decision was made to provide Board members with access to more funds to enable limited travel to regional events and clubs. An application to hold a RAC Convention in July 2002 was considered and approved. Full support is given to the sponsors of the event, the North Okanagan Radio Amateur Club and the Orchard City Amateur Radio Club. As plans for the convention develop, details will be available in TCA. Discussion took place with regard to membership fees. Membership fees will remain unchanged for the present. A proposal to adopt a "Core Values" statement, authored by Bill Wilson VE3NR, was considered and approved. The document, presented subsequently at the Annual General Meeting of RAC members, will appear in a future issue of TCA. A sincere vote of thanks was expressed to the many RAC volunteers across the country. In particular, the Board wished to note the assistance received by the volunteers helping at Headquarters, on the RAC Website and within the QSL Bureaus. Full Minutes of the Board meeting will be available later on the RAC Web Site and in an upcoming edition of The Canadian Amateur.