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From: RAC Headquarters Date: June 19, 2001 Subject: Ontario Bill 49 While the following only affects amateurs in Ontario, we believe that the repercussions of the passage of this bill could eventually affect other regions of Canada... Bill 49 titled "To amend the Highway Traffic Act to prohibit use of phones and other equipment when driving on a highway" has received First Reading in the Ontario Legislature. The Explanatory Note mentions cellular phone, car phone, portable computer and fax machine. As this may include Amateur Radio equipment, Radio Amateurs of Canada has filed Comments with the author and copies to the party leaders. Please refer to RAC web site http://www.rac.ca/bill49.htm. There you will find details on Bill 49 and suggestions on how you can forward a copy of the RAC Comments to your MPP with your own comments. Second Reading is not expected until Fall.