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From: RAC Headquarters Date: June 27, 2002 Subject: 220-222MHz in Canada Under Attack The Land Mobile Radio community has asked the Radio Advisory Board of Canada (RABC) to look into the possibility of making all or part of the 220-222 MHz portion of the 220-225 MHz amateur band available for Land Mobile use in Canada. The RABC will make its recommendations to Industry Canada later this year. 220-222 is already a land mobile band in the USA, and is not available to amateurs in most parts of the world. The remainder of the band, that is the 222-225 MHz portion is not under discussion. In Canada, the 220 to 225 MHz band is the last Primary allocation for radio amateurs until 24 GHz. The band is our source for expansion as the 144 MHz and 70 cm bands run out of frequencies for allocation to the various amateur radio interests. If RAC is to defend our interests in the review that has just begun, we need to know who is using the 220-222 segment, and how we are using it. To assist, a web site has been created on the RAC web site at http://www.rac.ca/220survey.htm. Please take a moment to fill in the questionnaire or to send information direct by e-mail to ve3iq@rac.ca, ve3pu@rac.ca and ve3byt@rac.ca. (The survey was closed on July 30, 2002) For 220 to 222 Mhz we need to know who is using the band, where, for what purpose (e.g. emergency communication, IRLP, high- speed digital, etc.,) the modes and any legacy systems. We urgently need this information (by 10 July) to prepare for upcoming meetings. Please take a moment now and complete the web site questionnaire or e-mail your response. RAC We're ALL about Amateur Radio