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From: RAC Headquarters Date: October 11, 2002 Subject: VE3FCK Amateur of the Year In response to a call for nominees for the Radio Amateurs of Canada-sponsored "Canadian Amateur of the Year Award", the following names were submitted to the RAC Board of Directors for consideration: 1. David Cameron VE7LTD 2. Tom Cohoon VE1TA 3. Tom Domonkos VE3FCK 4. Wilfried (Wilf) Mulder VE7OHM 5. Ernest Myers VE3GM/Doug Last VE3NBL (jointly) The Board faced a difficult task in selecting from among the five worthy nominations. These fine people have made great achievements in the past and continue to make significant contributions to Amateur Radio today. After careful consideration, the Board has determined that the award should be conferred on Tom Domonkos VE3FCK. The Board congratulates Mr. Domonkos as the 2002 "Canadian Radio Amateur of the Year", and commends all the nominees for their very valuable contributions to the enrichment of Amateur Radio and its worthiness to the public.