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2003 RAC Bulletins

35Robert McKenzie, VE3SJQ steps down
34Canadian Amateurs may lose part of the 220 MHz band
33VO1MRC Experiments on 60 metres
32Elected nominees for positions on the Executive of RAC for the term 2004-2005
31RAC Executive Officers for 2004-2005
30RAC Radio Amateur of the Year Award for 2003
29Section Manager in the Maritimes Section
28Brief report by Radio Amateurs of Canada at the conclusion of the twenty-first IC-RAC Canadian Amate
27Loosing our propagation information system
25Update link to club websites
24Great new initiative for RAC Youth Education Program
23E-Town Hall on National Antenna Tower Policy Review
22New Director appointments named for Quebec, Ontario
21Fred Orsetti, VE7IO was recently re-elected British Columbia Section Manager
20News Section Back on RAC Website Along with National Morse Code Survey
19Tom Caithness VE1GTC, stepped down as Section Manager for the Maritimes
18Morse Requirement Remains in Canada Pending Review of WRC Decisions
17WRC-2003 Drops Morse Requirement
16Amateurs make gains on 40 Metres at WRC-2003
15WRC-2003 Revises Call Sign Formation
10Radio Amateurs of France to correspond with schools via the Net
9IARU regional meeting fall victim to SARS
8The Marconi Radio Club of Newfoundland is promoting interest in long wave low frequency work on 136
7QSL routes for July 18-25 7P8 Dxpedition
6RAC 2003 Annual Board Meeting
5Canadian Amateur Radio Hall of Fame
4New Section Manager for Saskatchewan
3Industry Canada Announces Formation of National
2Elections to RAC Board & Executive
1Bulletin Editor