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Sept 13, 2003, RAC Bulletin 03-024E - Great new initiative for RAC Youth Education Program The Almonte Radio Repeater League (ARRL) in eastern Ontario is challenging each and every amateur radio club across Canada to match its $100 donation to the RAC Youth Education Program. The purpose of the newly established Youth Education Program is to promote the use of amateur radio in Canadian schools across the country. Details about the Program, headed by Bj Madsen, VE5FX, can be found by clicking on "Youth Education" at the RAC web site, at http://www.rac.ca . Bill Gillis, VE1WG, RAC President, received the $100 ARRL cheque on August 14, in Moncton, from Neil Carleton, VE3NCE, ARRL Treasurer. "The Almonte Radio Repeater League is very pleased to support this important national initiative", Neil explained at the Moncton meeting. "As a classroom teacher, I know that amateur radio is a great way to make connections at school across the curriculum". The ARRL is an active club of amateur radio enthusiasts with members from across the greater Almonte area of eastern Ontario. Almonte is a small town, population 4400, on the Mississippi River, about 50 km west of Ottawa. The club operates a VHF repeater on 147.27 MHz, as well as a UHF repeater and IRLP node (2280) on 444.10 MHz. The ARRL has been a proud supporter of education projects in the community. A dedicated team of ARRL volunteers made it possible for kindergarten to grade 8 students at R. Tait McKenzie Public School, in Almonte, to speak with an astronaut on the International Space Station as the crew passed high overhead in orbit on November 23, 2001. Details of the successful ARISS project, including an audio recording of the event, can be found at the club's web site, at http://www.igs.net/~va3aar/ (don't forget the tilde symbol before the va3aar). Another great computer link supplied by Jim Taylor VE3KU is 10 Years of Radio in the Classroom at http://www.tpn7055.ca/10yrs.html . This year, in September, the ARRL's club members joined other Lanark County hams to prepare and operate public displays about amateur radio at the international Rural Expo 2003. The ARRL has also adopted the Shortwave Listening and Amateur Radio Club in room 22 at R. Tait McKenzie Public School. ARRL Vice President, Bob Clermont, VE3AKV, has led the club's school support. "Through the donation of equipment and material, he outlined, ''as well as providing advice and on air experience for the students, our club is actively encouraging young people in our community to get involved with amateur radio." At the national level, ARRL member Dale Hennigar, VE3XZT, is leading the way with the first donation to support the RAC Youth Education Program. During your club's next net tell members about the RAC Youth Education Program and the ARRL challenge. Thank you for your support.