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Sept 30 03, RAC Bulletin 03-027 - Loosing our propagation information system NOAA are looking at pulling the plug on their real time propagation information system, including real time data on the state of the interaction of the earth's magnetosphere with the solar wind, the state of the earth's magnetic field. This information is vital to both the VHF and HF community as the data is used for such things as predicting Auroral DX openings on VHF, assessing HF conditions for contesters, and predicting potential for 50 MHz F2 openings etc. These tools have been invaluable to the amateur community worldwide for many years and if we want to continue to have the data available NOAA needs to be aware of the extent to which this information is appreciated and diligently used by millions of Radio Amateurs worldwide. Drop a note of support, as Canadian Amateurs, to SEC.Webmaster@noaa.gov asking that they continue to provide real time Internet based data that is used to predict propagation conditions worldwide at HF and VHF within the Amateur Community and that this information is a vital part of our on-going emergency response capability as well as our propagation research and utilization work. For Canadians who are not familiar with this data have a look at these web pages if you are not familiar with them: