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RAC Bulletin 03-028 - Brief report by Radio Amateurs of Canada at the conclusion of the twenty-first IC-RAC Canadian Amateur Radio Advisory Board meeting held in Ottawa, ON, October 23, 2003. Among several on-going regulatory subjects on the agenda, were the following: * RAC presented its Board-approved recommendation that Morse code be dropped as a qualification requirement. * Possible options for consideration related to four-character call sign suffixes were discussed. * RAC provided IC with a copy of its submission to the Committee on the National Antenna Tower Policy Review. * RAC's efforts to bring more young people into Amateur Radio through the RAC Youth Education Program were introduced and discussed. Industry Canada invited RAC to submit detailed proposals on dropping Morse code and the use of four-character call signs. Industry Canada expressed appreciation to RAC for its prompt and comprehensive response to the department's request for input on significant changes to regulations arising out of the WRC-2003 decisions. RAC was represented by President Bill Gillis, VE1WG, Vice-president Regulatory Affairs Jim Dean, VE3IQ, and Directors David Nimmo, VE1NN, and Bj Madsen, VE5FX. Also participating through presentation of their work as members of the RAC Ad Hoc Committee on qualifications were: Bob Kavanagh, VE3OSZ and Brice Wightman, VA2BW/VE3EDR Industry Canada was represented by Senior Director, Spectrum Management, Mike Connolly, Director Eastern Ontario District Office and Amateur Radio Service Centre Line Perron, Directorate of Spectrum Operations staff members, Rob Cepella and Gary Steckly, and Harold Carmichael, Program Manager, Quebec City District Office.